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ShardedJoinStrategy (Apache Crunch 0.10.0 API)

Class ShardedJoinStrategy<K,U,V>

  extended by org.apache.crunch.lib.join.ShardedJoinStrategy<K,U,V>
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, JoinStrategy<K,U,V>

public class ShardedJoinStrategy<K,U,V>
extends Object
implements JoinStrategy<K,U,V>

JoinStrategy that splits the key space up into shards.

This strategy is useful when there are multiple values per key on at least one side of the join, and a large proportion of the values are mapped to a small number of keys.

Using this strategy will increase the number of keys being joined, but can increase performance by spreading processing of a single key over multiple reduce groups.

A custom ShardedJoinStrategy.ShardingStrategy can be provided so that only certain keys are sharded, or keys can be sharded in accordance with how many values are mapped to them.

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Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
static interface ShardedJoinStrategy.ShardingStrategy<K>
          Determines over how many shards a key will be split in a sharded join.
Constructor Summary
ShardedJoinStrategy(int numShards)
          Instantiate with a constant number of shards to use for all keys.
ShardedJoinStrategy(ShardedJoinStrategy.ShardingStrategy<K> shardingStrategy)
          Instantiate with a custom sharding strategy.
Method Summary
 PTable<K,Pair<U,V>> join(PTable<K,U> left, PTable<K,V> right, JoinType joinType)
          Join two tables with the given join type.
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Constructor Detail


public ShardedJoinStrategy(int numShards)
Instantiate with a constant number of shards to use for all keys.

numShards - number of shards to use


public ShardedJoinStrategy(ShardedJoinStrategy.ShardingStrategy<K> shardingStrategy)
Instantiate with a custom sharding strategy.

shardingStrategy - strategy to be used for sharding
Method Detail


public PTable<K,Pair<U,V>> join(PTable<K,U> left,
                                PTable<K,V> right,
                                JoinType joinType)
Description copied from interface: JoinStrategy
Join two tables with the given join type.

Specified by:
join in interface JoinStrategy<K,U,V>
left - left table to be joined
right - right table to be joined
joinType - type of join to perform
joined tables

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