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org.apache.crunch.lib.join (Apache Crunch 0.10.0 API)

Package org.apache.crunch.lib.join

Inner and outer joins on collections.


Interface Summary
JoinStrategy<K,U,V> Defines a strategy for joining two PTables together on a common key.
ShardedJoinStrategy.ShardingStrategy<K> Determines over how many shards a key will be split in a sharded join.

Class Summary
BloomFilterJoinStrategy<K,U,V> Join strategy that uses a Bloom filter that is trained on the keys of the left-side table to filter the key/value pairs of the right-side table before sending through the shuffle and reduce phase.
DefaultJoinStrategy<K,U,V> Default join strategy that simply sends all data through the map, shuffle, and reduce phase.
FullOuterJoinFn<K,U,V> Used to perform the last step of an full outer join.
InnerJoinFn<K,U,V> Used to perform the last step of an inner join.
JoinFn<K,U,V> Represents a DoFn for performing joins.
JoinUtils Utilities that are useful in joining multiple data sets via a MapReduce.
LeftOuterJoinFn<K,U,V> Used to perform the last step of an left outer join.
MapsideJoinStrategy<K,U,V> Utility for doing map side joins on a common key between two PTables.
OneToManyJoin Optimized join for situations where exactly one value is being joined with any other number of values based on a common key.
RightOuterJoinFn<K,U,V> Used to perform the last step of an right outer join.
ShardedJoinStrategy<K,U,V> JoinStrategy that splits the key space up into shards.

Enum Summary
JoinType Specifies the specific behavior of how a join should be performed in terms of requiring matching keys on both sides of the join.

Package org.apache.crunch.lib.join Description

Inner and outer joins on collections.

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