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JoinStrategy (Apache Crunch 0.10.0 API)

Interface JoinStrategy<K,U,V>

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All Known Implementing Classes:
BloomFilterJoinStrategy, DefaultJoinStrategy, MapsideJoinStrategy, ShardedJoinStrategy

public interface JoinStrategy<K,U,V>
extends Serializable

Defines a strategy for joining two PTables together on a common key.

Method Summary
 PTable<K,Pair<U,V>> join(PTable<K,U> left, PTable<K,V> right, JoinType joinType)
          Join two tables with the given join type.

Method Detail


PTable<K,Pair<U,V>> join(PTable<K,U> left,
                         PTable<K,V> right,
                         JoinType joinType)
Join two tables with the given join type.

left - left table to be joined
right - right table to be joined
joinType - type of join to perform
joined tables

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