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Uses of Class org.apache.crunch.TupleN (Apache Crunch 0.10.0 API)

Uses of Class

Packages that use TupleN
org.apache.crunch Client-facing API and core abstractions. 
org.apache.crunch.fn Commonly used functions for manipulating collections. 
org.apache.crunch.lib Joining, sorting, aggregating, and other commonly used functionality. 
org.apache.crunch.types Common functionality for business object serialization. 
org.apache.crunch.types.avro Business object serialization using Apache Avro. 
org.apache.crunch.types.writable Business object serialization using Hadoop's Writables framework. 
org.apache.crunch.util An assorted set of utilities. 

Uses of TupleN in org.apache.crunch

Methods in org.apache.crunch that return TupleN
static TupleN TupleN.of(Object... values)

Uses of TupleN in org.apache.crunch.contrib.text

Methods in org.apache.crunch.contrib.text that return types with arguments of type TupleN
static Extractor<TupleN> Extractors.xtupleN(TokenizerFactory scannerFactory, Extractor... extractors)
          Returns an Extractor for an arbitrary number of types that uses the given TokenizerFactory for parsing the sub-fields.

Uses of TupleN in org.apache.crunch.fn

Methods in org.apache.crunch.fn that return types with arguments of type TupleN
static Aggregator<TupleN> Aggregators.tupleAggregator(Aggregator<?>... aggregators)
          Apply separate aggregators to each component of a Tuple.

Uses of TupleN in org.apache.crunch.lib

Methods in org.apache.crunch.lib that return types with arguments of type TupleN
<K,U,V> PTable<K,TupleN>
Cogroup.cogroup(int numReducers, PTable<K,?> first, PTable<K,?>... rest)
          Co-groups an arbitrary number of PTable arguments with a user-specified degree of parallelism (a.k.a, number of reducers.) The largest table should come last in the ordering.
<K> PTable<K,TupleN>
Cogroup.cogroup(PTable<K,?> first, PTable<K,?>... rest)
          Co-groups an arbitrary number of PTable arguments.

Uses of TupleN in org.apache.crunch.types

Fields in org.apache.crunch.types with type parameters of type TupleN
static TupleFactory<TupleN> TupleFactory.TUPLEN

Methods in org.apache.crunch.types that return types with arguments of type TupleN
 PType<TupleN> PTypeFamily.tuples(PType<?>... ptypes)

Uses of TupleN in org.apache.crunch.types.avro

Methods in org.apache.crunch.types.avro that return types with arguments of type TupleN
static AvroType<TupleN> Avros.tuples(PType... ptypes)
 PType<TupleN> AvroTypeFamily.tuples(PType<?>... ptypes)

Uses of TupleN in org.apache.crunch.types.writable

Methods in org.apache.crunch.types.writable that return types with arguments of type TupleN
static WritableType<TupleN,TupleWritable> Writables.tuples(PType... ptypes)
 PType<TupleN> WritableTypeFamily.tuples(PType<?>... ptypes)

Uses of TupleN in org.apache.crunch.util

Methods in org.apache.crunch.util that return types with arguments of type TupleN
 Iterator<TupleN> Tuples.TupleNIterable.iterator()

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