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org.apache.crunch.util (Apache Crunch 0.10.0 API)

Package org.apache.crunch.util

An assorted set of utilities.


Interface Summary
SerializableSupplier<T> An extension of Guava's Supplier interface that indicates that an instance will also implement Serializable, which makes this object suitable for use with Crunch's DoFns when we need to construct an instance of a non-serializable type for use in processing.

Class Summary
CrunchTool An extension of the Tool interface that creates a Pipeline instance and provides methods for working with the Pipeline from inside of the Tool's run method.
DelegatingReadableData<S,T> Implements the ReadableData<T> interface by delegating to an ReadableData<S> instance and passing its contents through a DoFn<S, T>.
DistCache Provides functions for working with Hadoop's distributed cache.
DoFnIterator<S,T> An Iterator<T> that combines a delegate Iterator<S> and a DoFn<S, T>, generating data by passing the contents of the iterator through the function.
PartitionUtils Helper functions and settings for determining the number of reducers to use in a pipeline job created by the Crunch planner.
Tuples Utilities for working with subclasses of the Tuple interface.

Package org.apache.crunch.util Description

An assorted set of utilities.

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