This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
org.apache.crunch.types.avro (Apache Crunch 0.10.0 API)

Package org.apache.crunch.types.avro

Business object serialization using Apache Avro.


Interface Summary
ReaderWriterFactory Interface for accessing DatumReader, DatumWriter, and Data classes.

Class Summary
AvroDerivedValueDeepCopier<T,S> A DeepCopier specific to Avro derived types.
AvroInputFormat<T> An InputFormat for Avro data files.
AvroMode AvroMode is an immutable object used for configuring the reading and writing of Avro types.
AvroOutputFormat<T> An OutputFormat for Avro data files.
AvroPathPerKeyOutputFormat<T> A FileOutputFormat that takes in a Utf8 and an Avro record and writes the Avro records to a sub-directory of the output path whose name is equal to the string-form of the Utf8.
Avros Defines static methods that are analogous to the methods defined in AvroTypeFamily for convenient static importing.
AvroType<T> The implementation of the PType interface for Avro-based serialization.
AvroUtf8InputFormat An InputFormat for text files.
ReflectDataFactory A Factory class for constructing Avro reflection-related objects.

Enum Summary
AvroMode.ModeType Internal enum which represents the various Avro data types.

Package org.apache.crunch.types.avro Description

Business object serialization using Apache Avro.

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