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org.apache.crunch.types (Apache Crunch 0.11.0 API)

Package org.apache.crunch.types

Common functionality for business object serialization.


Interface Summary
Converter<K,V,S,T> Converts the input key/value from a MapReduce task into the input to a DoFn, or takes the output of a DoFn and write it to the output key/values.
DeepCopier<T> Performs deep copies of values.
PTableType<K,V> An extension of PType specifically for PTable objects.
PType<T> A PType defines a mapping between a data type that is used in a Crunch pipeline and a serialization and storage format that is used to read/write data from/to HDFS.
PTypeFamily An abstract factory for creating PType instances that have the same serialization/storage backing format.

Class Summary
CollectionDeepCopier<T> Performs deep copies (based on underlying PType deep copying) of Collections.
NoOpDeepCopier<T> A DeepCopier that does nothing, and just returns the input value without copying anything.
PGroupedTableType<K,V> The PType instance for PGroupedTable instances.
Protos Utility functions for working with protocol buffers in Crunch.
PTypes Utility functions for creating common types of derived PTypes, e.g., for JSON data, protocol buffers, and Thrift records.
PTypeUtils Utilities for converting between PTypes from different PTypeFamily implementations.
TupleDeepCopier<T extends Tuple> Performs deep copies (based on underlying PType deep copying) of Tuple-based objects.
TupleFactory<T extends Tuple>  

Package org.apache.crunch.types Description

Common functionality for business object serialization.

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