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AvroPathPerKeyTarget (Apache Crunch 0.9.0 API)
Class AvroPathPerKeyTarget

  extended by
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
MapReduceTarget, PathTarget, Target

public class AvroPathPerKeyTarget
extends FileTargetImpl

A Target that wraps AvroPathPerKeyOutputFormat to allow one file per key to be written as the output of a PTable<String, T>.

Note the restrictions that apply to the AvroPathPerKeyOutputFormat; in particular, it's a good idea to write out all of the records for the same key together within each partition of the data.

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Constructor Summary
AvroPathPerKeyTarget(org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path path)
AvroPathPerKeyTarget(org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path path, FileNamingScheme fileNamingScheme)
AvroPathPerKeyTarget(String path)
Method Summary
 boolean accept(OutputHandler handler, PType<?> ptype)
          Checks to see if this Target instance is compatible with the given PType.
 void configureForMapReduce(org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.Job job, PType<?> ptype, org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path outputPath, String name)
 void handleOutputs(org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration conf, org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path workingPath, int index)
          Handles moving the output data for this target from a temporary location on the filesystem to its target path at the end of a MapReduce job.
 String toString()
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Constructor Detail


public AvroPathPerKeyTarget(String path)


public AvroPathPerKeyTarget(org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path path)


public AvroPathPerKeyTarget(org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path path,
                            FileNamingScheme fileNamingScheme)
Method Detail


public boolean accept(OutputHandler handler,
                      PType<?> ptype)
Description copied from interface: Target
Checks to see if this Target instance is compatible with the given PType.

Specified by:
accept in interface Target
accept in class FileTargetImpl
handler - The OutputHandler that is managing the output for the job
ptype - The PType to check
True if this Target can write data in the form of the given PType, false otherwise


public void configureForMapReduce(org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.Job job,
                                  PType<?> ptype,
                                  org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path outputPath,
                                  String name)
Specified by:
configureForMapReduce in interface MapReduceTarget
configureForMapReduce in class FileTargetImpl


public void handleOutputs(org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration conf,
                          org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path workingPath,
                          int index)
                   throws IOException
Description copied from interface: PathTarget
Handles moving the output data for this target from a temporary location on the filesystem to its target path at the end of a MapReduce job.

Specified by:
handleOutputs in interface PathTarget
handleOutputs in class FileTargetImpl
conf - The job Configuration
workingPath - The temp directory that contains the output of the job
index - The index of this target for jobs that write multiple output files to a single directory


public String toString()
toString in class FileTargetImpl

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