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Uses of Interface org.apache.crunch.Pipeline (Apache Crunch 0.10.0 API)

Uses of Interface

Packages that use Pipeline
org.apache.crunch Client-facing API and core abstractions. 
org.apache.crunch.impl.mem In-memory Pipeline implementation for rapid prototyping and testing. A Pipeline implementation that runs on Hadoop MapReduce. 

Uses of Pipeline in org.apache.crunch

Methods in org.apache.crunch that return Pipeline
 Pipeline PCollection.getPipeline()
          Returns the Pipeline associated with this PCollection.

Uses of Pipeline in org.apache.crunch.impl.dist

Classes in org.apache.crunch.impl.dist that implement Pipeline
 class DistributedPipeline

Uses of Pipeline in org.apache.crunch.impl.mem

Classes in org.apache.crunch.impl.mem that implement Pipeline
 class MemPipeline

Methods in org.apache.crunch.impl.mem that return Pipeline
static Pipeline MemPipeline.getInstance()

Uses of Pipeline in

Classes in that implement Pipeline
 class MRPipeline
          Pipeline implementation that is executed within Hadoop MapReduce.

Uses of Pipeline in org.apache.crunch.impl.spark

Classes in org.apache.crunch.impl.spark that implement Pipeline
 class SparkPipeline

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