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Uses of Interface org.apache.crunch.lib.join.JoinStrategy (Apache Crunch 0.9.0 API)

Uses of Interface

Packages that use JoinStrategy
org.apache.crunch.lib.join Inner and outer joins on collections. 

Uses of JoinStrategy in org.apache.crunch.lib.join

Classes in org.apache.crunch.lib.join that implement JoinStrategy
 class BloomFilterJoinStrategy<K,U,V>
          Join strategy that uses a Bloom filter that is trained on the keys of the left-side table to filter the key/value pairs of the right-side table before sending through the shuffle and reduce phase.
 class DefaultJoinStrategy<K,U,V>
          Default join strategy that simply sends all data through the map, shuffle, and reduce phase.
 class MapsideJoinStrategy<K,U,V>
          Utility for doing map side joins on a common key between two PTables.
 class ShardedJoinStrategy<K,U,V>
          JoinStrategy that splits the key space up into shards.

Constructors in org.apache.crunch.lib.join with parameters of type JoinStrategy
BloomFilterJoinStrategy(int numElements, float falsePositiveRate, JoinStrategy<K,U,V> delegateJoinStrategy)
          Instantiate with the expected number of unique keys in the left table, and the acceptable false positive rate for the Bloom filter, and an underlying join strategy to delegate to.

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