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Uses of Class org.apache.crunch.lib.join.JoinFn (Apache Crunch 0.9.0 API)

Uses of Class

Packages that use JoinFn
org.apache.crunch.lib.join Inner and outer joins on collections. 

Uses of JoinFn in org.apache.crunch.lib.join

Subclasses of JoinFn in org.apache.crunch.lib.join
 class FullOuterJoinFn<K,U,V>
          Used to perform the last step of an full outer join.
 class InnerJoinFn<K,U,V>
          Used to perform the last step of an inner join.
 class LeftOuterJoinFn<K,U,V>
          Used to perform the last step of an left outer join.
 class RightOuterJoinFn<K,U,V>
          Used to perform the last step of an right outer join.

Methods in org.apache.crunch.lib.join with parameters of type JoinFn
 PTable<K,Pair<U,V>> DefaultJoinStrategy.join(PTable<K,U> left, PTable<K,V> right, JoinFn<K,U,V> joinFn)
          Perform a default join on the given PTable instances using a user-specified JoinFn.

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