This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
org.apache.crunch.lib.sort (Apache Crunch 0.11.0 API)

Package org.apache.crunch.lib.sort

Class Summary
SortFns A set of DoFns that are used by Crunch's Sort library.
SortFns.AvroGenericFn<V extends Tuple> Pulls a composite set of keys from an Avro GenericRecord instance.
SortFns.KeyExtraction<V extends Tuple> Utility class for encapsulating key extraction logic and serialization information about key extraction.
SortFns.SingleKeyFn<V extends Tuple,K> Extracts a single indexed key from a Tuple instance.
SortFns.TupleKeyFn<V extends Tuple,K extends Tuple> Extracts a composite key from a Tuple instance.
TotalOrderPartitioner<K,V> A partition-aware Partitioner instance that can work with either Avro or Writable-formatted keys.

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