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Uses of Class org.apache.crunch.contrib.text.TokenizerFactory.Builder (Apache Crunch 0.10.0 API)

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Uses of TokenizerFactory.Builder in org.apache.crunch.contrib.text

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static TokenizerFactory.Builder TokenizerFactory.builder()
          Factory method for creating a TokenizerFactory.Builder instance.
 TokenizerFactory.Builder TokenizerFactory.Builder.delimiter(String delim)
          Sets the delimiter used by the TokenizerFactory instances constructed by this instance.
 TokenizerFactory.Builder TokenizerFactory.Builder.drop(Integer... indices)
          Drop the specified fields found by the input scanner, counting from zero.
 TokenizerFactory.Builder TokenizerFactory.Builder.keep(Integer... indices)
          Keep only the specified fields found by the input scanner, counting from zero.
 TokenizerFactory.Builder TokenizerFactory.Builder.locale(Locale locale)
          Sets the Locale to use with the TokenizerFactory returned by this Builder instance.
 TokenizerFactory.Builder TokenizerFactory.Builder.skip(String skip)
          Sets the regular expression that determines which input characters should be ignored by the Scanner that is returned by the constructed TokenizerFactory.

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