Package org.apache.crunch.types.avro

Business object serialization using Apache Avro.


Class Summary
AvroDeepCopier<T> Performs deep copies of Avro-serializable objects.
AvroDeepCopier.AvroGenericDeepCopier Deep copier for Avro generic data objects.
AvroDeepCopier.AvroReflectDeepCopier<T> Deep copier for Avro reflect data objects.
AvroDeepCopier.AvroSpecificDeepCopier<T> Deep copier for Avro specific data objects.
AvroInputFormat<T> An InputFormat for Avro data files.
AvroOutputFormat<T> An OutputFormat for Avro data files.
AvroRecordReader<T> An RecordReader for Avro data files.
Avros Defines static methods that are analogous to the methods defined in AvroTypeFamily for convenient static importing.
AvroTableType<K,V> The implementation of the PTableType interface for Avro-based serialization.
AvroType<T> The implementation of the PType interface for Avro-based serialization.
AvroUtf8InputFormat An InputFormat for text files.
ReflectDataFactory A Factory class for constructing Avro reflection-related objects.
SafeAvroSerialization<T> The Serialization used by jobs configured with AvroJob.

Package org.apache.crunch.types.avro Description

Business object serialization using Apache Avro.

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