Package org.apache.crunch.types

Interface Summary
Converter<K,V,S,T> Converts the input key/value from a MapReduce task into the input to a DoFn, or takes the output of a DoFn and write it to the output key/values.
DeepCopier<T> Performs deep copies of values.
PTableType<K,V> An extension of PType specifically for PTable objects.
PType<T> A PType defines a mapping between a data type that is used in a Crunch pipeline and a serialization and storage format that is used to read/write data from/to HDFS.
PTypeFamily An abstract factory for creating PType instances that have the same serialization/storage backing format.

Class Summary
CollectionDeepCopier<T> Performs deep copies (based on underlying PType deep copying) of Collections.
PGroupedTableType<K,V> The PType instance for PGroupedTable instances.
PTypeUtils Utilities for converting between PTypes from different PTypeFamily implementations.
TupleDeepCopier<T extends Tuple> Performs deep copies (based on underlying PType deep copying) of Tuple-based objects.
TupleFactory<T extends Tuple>  

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