Package org.apache.crunch.types.avro

Business object serialization using Apache Avro.


Interface Summary
ReaderWriterFactory Interface for accessing DatumReader, DatumWriter, and Data classes.

Class Summary
AvroDerivedValueDeepCopier<T,S> A DeepCopier specific to Avro derived types.
AvroInputFormat<T> An InputFormat for Avro data files.
AvroMode AvroMode is an immutable object used for configuring the reading and writing of Avro types.
AvroOutputFormat<T> An OutputFormat for Avro data files.
AvroPathPerKeyOutputFormat<T> A FileOutputFormat that takes in a Utf8 and an Avro record and writes the Avro records to a sub-directory of the output path whose name is equal to the string-form of the Utf8.
Avros Defines static methods that are analogous to the methods defined in AvroTypeFamily for convenient static importing.
AvroType<T> The implementation of the PType interface for Avro-based serialization.
AvroUtf8InputFormat An InputFormat for text files.
ReflectDataFactory A Factory class for constructing Avro reflection-related objects.

Enum Summary
AvroMode.ModeType Internal enum which represents the various Avro data types.

Package org.apache.crunch.types.avro Description

Business object serialization using Apache Avro.

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