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Uses of Interface org.apache.crunch.PObject (Apache Crunch 0.10.0 API)

Uses of Interface

Packages that use PObject
org.apache.crunch Client-facing API and core abstractions. 
org.apache.crunch.contrib.bloomfilter Support for creating Bloom Filters. 
org.apache.crunch.lib Joining, sorting, aggregating, and other commonly used functionality. 

Uses of PObject in org.apache.crunch

Methods in org.apache.crunch that return PObject
 PObject<Collection<S>> PCollection.asCollection()
 PObject<Map<K,V>> PTable.asMap()
          Returns a PObject encapsulating a Map made up of the keys and values in this PTable.
 PObject<S> PCollection.first()
 PObject<Long> PCollection.length()
          Returns the number of elements represented by this PCollection.
 PObject<S> PCollection.max()
          Returns a PObject of the maximum element of this instance.
 PObject<S> PCollection.min()
          Returns a PObject of the minimum element of this instance.

Uses of PObject in org.apache.crunch.contrib.bloomfilter

Methods in org.apache.crunch.contrib.bloomfilter that return PObject
static PObject<Map<String,org.apache.hadoop.util.bloom.BloomFilter>> BloomFilterFactory.createFilter(org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path inputPath, BloomFilterFn<String> filterFn)
          The method will take an input path and generates BloomFilters for all text files in that path.
<T> PObject<org.apache.hadoop.util.bloom.BloomFilter>
BloomFilterFactory.createFilter(PCollection<T> collection, BloomFilterFn<T> filterFn)

Uses of PObject in org.apache.crunch.impl.dist.collect

Methods in org.apache.crunch.impl.dist.collect that return PObject
 PObject<Collection<S>> PCollectionImpl.asCollection()
 PObject<Map<K,V>> PTableBase.asMap()
          Returns a PObject encapsulating a Map made up of the keys and values in this PTable.
 PObject<S> PCollectionImpl.first()
 PObject<Long> PCollectionImpl.length()
 PObject<S> PCollectionImpl.max()
 PObject<S> PCollectionImpl.min()

Uses of PObject in org.apache.crunch.lib

Methods in org.apache.crunch.lib that return PObject
<S> PObject<Long>
Aggregate.length(PCollection<S> collect)
          Returns the number of elements in the provided PCollection.
<S> PObject<S>
Aggregate.max(PCollection<S> collect)
          Returns the largest numerical element from the input collection.
<S> PObject<S>
Aggregate.min(PCollection<S> collect)
          Returns the smallest numerical element from the input collection.

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